Uayma, Yucatan

Between Merida and Izamal, if you take the back roads, there are an abundance of small villages and pueblos.  Some have more interest than others.

We hadn't been through Uayma before and found it neat and  tidy.  It has a lovely big central square and a really beautiful church.  I mean just look at this  -  

and then there was the interior

and some interesting exterior

postscript (26 March 2013) - I woke during the night wondering about the symbols, as a friend had posted this - The flower of life  Sacred geometry rocks! My favorite; fibonnacci spirals  - in response to a foto I posted on facebook of the church facade.

In searching the internet I found these links with more info on the church at Uayma, and sacred geometry - for your researching pleasure  (as always on posts, the Comments always provide tons of added information!)   this one is quite interesting because it has pre-restoration fotos.

This is a rough translation from a reply/comment on a spanish language post -
Here I leave some history on Uayma church, is currently located in the village of Uayma meaning "huayo* Water" during the pre-Hispanic era belonged to the Province of Cupules. Archaeological remains have been found showing that in this town there was an old Mayan village. But what is striking is the church that was actually a Dominican monastery was constructed on 1646 and raised in the second half of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, is best known as the Convent and Church of Santo Domingo de Uayma and decorated Ajaracas* which is an Arab and Modejar ornamentation as bows or ribbons.
*ajaracas are ribbon or trim lines and flowers typical of the Arab and Moorish decor.
*huayo is a fan palm whose fans are used in roof thatching

another rough translation - Former Convent and Church of Santo Domingo, built in the seventeenth century and which was burned in the mid-nineteenth century by the indigenous rebels during the "Caste War" still retains its beauty