Lili and Rubi Foster are looking for a home!

Once again I am trying to find homes for the two foster care dogs that have been in my care since December.  My husband is becoming increasingly concerned that I am not trying hard enough to place these girls.

Both dogs have now been sterilized and have had health checks and vaccinations. Both are sweet and caring, but with very different personalities.Both are medium sized dogs.

This is Lili, she's about 14 months old.  She was a street dog so is still a little timid with new folks but warms up and becomes very sweet and caring in no time.  She is my first priority to find a home.  My two dogs don't get along with her so well and it creates issues within the household. She is very good with other dogs and does not bother our cat.  She has a bit more independence than Rubi but is very watchful and loyal.  She would be good alone or with another dog. As you can see Lili has longer hair and she is ok being brushed, she actually likes it most of the time. She stands patiently while being bathed, and she loves to play in water, with the hose or in the rain, but so far has no interest, actually doesn't even like to be in the pool.

May 28, 2013 Update

Lili is 19inches at her shoulder, and weighs about 15kilos. Here are a few more fotos of her -

and this is Rubi, 

she is a people dog, wants to be with you all the time.  She would be stressed if left all alone, so would need training for that,or to have another dog around.  She is very attentive, constantly watching to see what you are doing and what you want done.  She is everyone's best friend, with no reservations.  She too stands patiently while being bathed.  She is very good with other dogs and does not bother our cat except to want to sniff him.

These are really both such sweet girls - If I had no other dogs Lili would be mine.  I think she's be a great single dog.

please, if you would like to meet these girls or know of anyone looking for a a great dog, let me know!

debiinmerida at gmail