animal mistreatment is now a crime in Yucatan

Mexico consists of 31 free and sovereign States, and the Federal District (Distrito Federal, or DF (dayeffay)). Merida happens to be the Capital of the State of Yucatan, and as such the State legislation takes place here.  

Here being at the H. Congreso del Estado de Yucatán, 

and this is where Tom and I spent a good part of our morning.   We arrived about 10:15 and signed in.  To attend el congreso you need to provide a picture id and they give you a numbered visitor badge which, when finished you turn in and retrieve your id.

We then hung around visiting with old friends, and making new friends.  This morning the diputados were voting on an initiative to Reforma al Código Penal para sancionar con cárcel y multas los Actos de Crueldad en contra de Animales - which essentially says they want to change the code, or making into law that abuse of a domestic animal is now punishable by law, both fines and jail time! 

When this agenda item came up we were all on the edges of our seats.  The original paper that had been submitted had been revised, and revised again.  Terminology changed, definitions of 'domestic animals' debated and argued over,  and around and around they went.  Today was the vote. 

I am friends with several of the people that have worked tirelessly on this. It was so great to be able to be there and share this with them.

Several of the diputados stood and gave impassioned, logical, reasonable, and well thought out words on why this should pass - 

And their words did move many of us to tears.  Then the vote, and it was unanimous.  OH My Gosh!   We were all so thrilled, and again, moved to even more we hugged each other around it was quiet, we couldn't speak.

I am so proud of this group of incredibly dedicated and tireless champions for what they have done.  And I am proud to have been there with them this morning to see this new law passed.

Some of those that worked so tirelessly (In no particular order) are AMEDEA, LEP Marcia Lara,  META, Laura Diaz, Saul Bastarrechea, Dip. Mauricio VilaRafael Rodriguez, Silvia Cortés EvoluciónAnimalGabyta RomeroAugusto ZapataMvz Pako SalinasBayardo Ojeda MarrufoPvem Yucatan,  

I'm sorry, I know I've missed so many!

the fotos of congreso are mine, 
the fotos of people I snatched from friends on fb,
 and the volante is by evolucion.