vegetarian recipe - Sriracha Stirfry

I have a dish I have been making with more and more frequency lately - mostly because I can make a fairly large amount at one time, and because Tom and I both really like it.  Additionally the others who have had it say it's really good as well.  Add to that the leftovers are great and easy to heat n eat.

And yes,  that's tofu!  but honestly it's good!


1 block of medium firm to firm tofu - cut in to large cubes and set to drain in a colander
1/2 k of green beans, cut in half
2 large carrots, cut in lengths similar to green bean halves, julienned
1 medium onion, cut in half and sliced
2 + tablespoons of course chopped garlic
1 poblano, seeded, halved lengthways and sliced
salt to taste
2  tblsps toasted sesame seeds
2 tblsps oliveoil
Sriracha sauce to taste

So the first thing I do is cut the tofu in to cubes and set in the colander to drain.   I then clean and prep the veggies

 in a large heavy pan I heat the olive oil till quite hot then toss in the tofu to toast the outsides- this helps to improve the texture, but I've also crumbled the tofu and added without frying, this helps cut down on the fat. 

after the tofu is browned, I transfer it to another plate and saute the veggies.  
We like crunchy so just till the colors start to turn.  

Once the veggies are done I toss back in the tofu, the sesame seeds, and the salt, then just toss it all together, taste, and serve.  

for a full meal presentation I serve this with either brown rice or quinoa.