restaurant review - maiz, canela, y cilantro; aka casa azul

Went to a new restaurant today.

 calle 70 x 55 y 55A, #464, Centro
heading South on 70 it is on the left, just as you pass 55

The Owner/Cook Analia Machuco (sorry I didn't get the correct spelling so this is it phoenetically, at least to my ear) is a teeny tiny little thing that simultaneously floats and bounces about.  She is from Central Mexico, so this will be food with a chilango twist.  She appears quite content and profecient as she goes about greeting, taking orders,  pouring drinks, cooking, serving, and asking how you are doing, etc, etc.

This is a one woman operation.  Thank goodness there are only a few tables, there was one table (of 2) seated and finished eating when we got there, then as we (2) were about done another table (of 6) came in.  So overall it worked out well. if 2 or 3 tables came in about the same time it could get blocked up.

They open at 8 with breakfast service, and offer comida starting mid day till 4.

This is a cute house, fresh and clean, neat and tidy, no ceiling fans but there are two floor fans that get moved around to keep the customers cool and comfortable.

Analia prepares 2 or 3 options per day, everything is prepared fresh with the exception of the beans, soup, and the rice,  they are made that morning or perhaps the night before.  Meals cost from 50 peso to 70 depending on the item.  You get a frijoles with chips starter, a tasty cilantro chilito salsa, soup, rice, your plato fuerte, and a fresh drink or agua de sabor; jamaica, limonada, etc.

Today, the soup was a carrot cream which Tom said was very good (being lactose intolerant I didn't have any soup)  The meal options were a pescado empanizado, or an eggplant escalope which is sort of a scalloped eggplant.  Tom and I both got the fish.  

This is a substantial quantity of food - and very tasty simple food, no fancy smancy fusion reduction stuff, just good quality freshly prepared food.  On the plate with the fish fillet was a generous salad of two types of lettuce, cuke, tomato, beet and carrot shreds, as well as an arrangement of steamed chayote, carrot, green bean, and brocolli.

There are a variety of fresh drinks, Tom had jamaica, and I got a chia with lemon and orange juices.  it was very refreshing and tasty.

This is an exciting discovery. 
Really nicely prepared, fresh, and non greasy food, with some nice vegetarian options.  
On Saturdays she does a bit more complicated, or was it more yucafriendly options, echhiladas and such, both vegetarian and non-veg options.

You should go!  Let's keep this one alive!

I'll have to go back, soon, as I neglected to ask about the Thursday coffe and lecture series!