Sundays are for eating!

Yesterday was Tom's birthday, and it was a Sunday!  For whatever reason we always use Sunday as our do nothing day, which is a shame because there is always something to do and on Sunday, and it is soooo much easier because most people stay home or visit with family.  That makes driving, biking, walking way easier.   That's a different blog post, and it veers from this story!

Yesterday was Tom's birthday, and it was a Sunday!  I made banana pankakes for breakfast. Then we just putzed around.  We, well Tom had been invited out to a hacienda for lunch to celebrate his birthday.  Now don't misunderstand, I was invited as well, but his was being paid for by the group. Whatever,  I was happy to go along.   

So, the group was coming here, here being our house, at 1pm, our reservation was for 2pm.  Then we'd split in to 2 vehicles as none of our vehicles can hold 6 comfortably for more than a short drive. So the guys all went together in one car, and I drove the girls.

Lunch was fabulous, the food was great, and the hcda guys did a great job of accomodating my not eating anything with feet and made me a vegg stuffed poblano, the company was the best.  Uber Fun!  We drank, ate, laughed and chatted the afternoon away.  As we were leaving we were shocked to discover it was 6:30pm...we had  lingered over lunch for 4 1/2 hours!

The drive home went well, no issues - got home just as dusk and a light rain were occuring!   Saw some gorgeous rainbows, another fine present for Tom.

Once home we quickly changed clothes so we could greet and feed the thundering herd.  

Just look at these adorable faces!  So sweet!

Just look at  these innocent faces - 
which one of these monsters caught, killed and nearly completely consumed a rather substantial iguana!
Blech, nothing but about 3 inches of mangled and mauled tail section left when we found it.   

And oddly, everyone dove right in to their dinner bowls!