Seriously sweet and affectionate kitten needs a home

What a horror story with this poor little kitten, see first post here, then there was this .

Well poor little kitty finally came home yesterday (Wednesday, 31 July), that was 10 days in the vets.

He still has a cast, although now it is just gauze and the plastic brace, and because it is just gauze he has to wear a cone collar.

poor little thing - I was there when he got the cast replaced just before he came home yesterday and his little leg has sores on it from being in the cast so long.   He just wants to tend his leg.

So poor little guy gets some out of the box time now, but not much, but more than he got at the vet, oh and he was so happy he found a patch of sun.

So in 10 days or so little guy will go in for esterilization and cast removal. 

This guy really needs a home.  I can't/won't be able to keep him past the end of the month, and sadly while here he must live in a cage except for brief periods because one of my dogs will hurt him.

if you or someone you know would like a very affection little kitten, please show them these posts.  He really is very loving and friendly.