wipe that silly grin off your face.

I can't stop smiling - I am SO happy!

but I'm also a little, NO, a lot sad.

Little kitty found a home!  

OK - I was calling him Scooter because he would stick his little cast out in front and scoot it along the floor.

I couldn't be more thrilled, little kitty is going to live with a family with 3 dogs and a cat already in residence, so I know the family are animal lovers.  They already know, use, and love scooter kitties veterinarian.  They've already decided how and when and where to house kitty so that he won't be left alone while recuperating.

New Moms, Patricia and Charis!

Rubi saying goodbye, she really loves little scooter kittie!

Scooter kittie travel bag! oolala,
very lucky little kittie!

Thank You Patricia, Charis, and family!