Mid trip update

We're sort of mid-trip. Parma. So time for a little R n R. Yeah I know, from what? Well from the pace of a vacation where you are totally off your routine, your food, your standard schedule of doing things. So we are in one of the most expensive hotels so far and have decided to take things a little easier.


Yesterday we did walkabout and entry to only 3 locations, ate lunch and returned to the room about 3:30. We didn't leave.


Today we slept in till 9, of course we were up till 12:30, we just had a fairly substantial breakfast and have two outdoor things for today; the botanic gardens and the Parco Ducale, oh and the train/bus station.


Seems the trains have gone on a but of a strike, which is apparently quite common.


We need to figure out how to get to Riomaggiore tomorrow.


Here are a few fotos from the trip


Oh, and here's where we've been so far.

1. Firenze

2. Siena

3. Montalcino, which included daytrips to Montepulciano, Chianciano, Trequanda, Pienza, and Orvieto

4. Perugia, with stop at Lake Trasimeno

5. Ravenna

6. Parma

Tomorrow off to the Cinque Terre