on the road again!

We are in the midst of prepping for our trip to Italy. 

We are both quite excited as we've never been before.  The house is a wreck, stuff strewn everywhere.  

Today the cleaning lady, gardener, and house/petsitter all show up to meet each other.  

There is a monster storm hovering right over top of the Yucatan so lots of rain, which makes the arrival of both the housekeeper and the gardener doubtful.  But hopefully will do nothing to hinder our departure.

One of the dogs, Techie, knows something is up, the others are clueless.  

That's the hardest part about traveling is leaving the animals.   When we moved here, nearly 8 years ago, we brought adult cats, and understood that when they left we were done, no more - now it's a small menagerie!  And we can't bear to be apart from, nor part with any of them.  Well I could let Oop, the parakeet go!

Helpful friends keep going on about how cold it's going to be - I hate the cold. Well it's pretty to look at but I don't want to feel it or be in it!

I will do some posts, much as I did when we were in Spain last year, so keep an eye on my blog.

I  found this foto on the internet - it's not mine - but I hope see sights just like this!