Travelogue - Ponderings in Montalcino, Italy

10am Sunday, 15 September, morning. We just finished breakfast, coffee, yogurt with granola, a few pieces of dried fruit and a croissant.

I am sitting on a stone bench admiring the amazing vista set out before me.


Miles and miles of patchworked undulating hills. Vineyards on one patch, tilled earth ready for hay on another, a farmstead, and an olive grove. More villages dotted here and there, and the sounds, my how sound travels. A motorcyclist grinding it up as he hits a long straight stretch and a down shift going in to a turn only to speed in to the next straightway. I can hear farm equipment grinding and churning. Tom says its a caterpillar.

The bees are buzzing a pomegranate tree right in front if me, and the sound of the pool overflowing just makes me want to sit here all day. But that is not possible, its been getting down to 12degrees Celsius, about 50fahreheit, and this stone bench is bloody cold!

Having the rental car has really been fun. It has allowed us to explore more of the countryside and visit more areas than would have been possible via public transport.


I am finding time to blog difficult to come by so here are some fotos to hold you till next time.