Travelogue - Ravenna, Romagna, Italia

We have/had 3 days in Ravenna. Rick Steves says it merits 4 hours, I have to disagree. Ravenna is an interesting City, with quite a few "tourist" attractions, as well as a number of theatrical venues, and locations from which to watch people as they walk, talk, visit, and speed by on their bicycles.

Dante's mausoleum and tomb.

I must say the mosaics I've seen are absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen; not that I've seen an awful lot of them.
Other than the ones we've seen around town, on planters, street signs etc.

the Basilica di San Vitale was my intro, and oh my, they took my breath away. So beautiful and intricate, amost as if looking at a painting. Then focus in and the detail they accomplished with little squares of chipped colored, I don't know, is it all rock, or glass too?

This picture was taken by Nancy Hoag using panoramic view on her camera, I want one!

Three Wise Men
Ok, here are some shots of mosaics, but in all honesty if you google 'ravenna mosaics' you'll find fabulous professional shost, devoid of tourists, with great lighting, we were not allowed to use flash, and utilizing lifts to get the proper angles.

Ok, too much wine with lunch,
you'll have to make do eith this little souvinir from Ravenna, Romagna, Italia.