Allow me to introduce...Permítame presentarle

You may remember from numerous posts that we sometimes foster animals.  So far we've re-homed 7 dogs, this does not include the 2 that we now call 'ours'!  So I guess that makes 9. And this does not include cats, don't even get me started on the kittens we have taken in and re-homed.

Well you may also recall we've recently been trying to find homes for both Lili and Rubi Foster - read about that here

Several months ago Lili found a FABULOUS new home where she is much loved and has a brother now,  and a much more playful cat toy than she had here!

Oh, and her own personal furniture!

Here is Miss Lili C.

Well now for the BIG news

May I present Miss Rubi Kuhn

Yep, It's official, she's part of our 'pack'!

Guess that brings us up to ten dogs rescued and re-homed!