Chamaco - a tale of terror

So last night, around 11pm I am walking home from Patti's Martini party, and No, before you ask, I did not have too many, in fact I had one glass, short pour, of white wine.

I was attacked, taken down and beaten mercilessly by the cries of this tiny little kitten voice. I struggled towards the sound knowing full well the consequences if I could actually get my hands on it and bring it home, yet I continued on.    And there it was, wedged in to the corner of a garage door of an abandoned house.   This tiny little form, mouth open as if to hiss but no sound coming forth.  As I approached it got smaller and smaller trying to hide itself in the corner.

I estimate it to be maybe 5 weeks old.  One eye is buggered, probably a slight infection.  I treated it with warm chamomile tea compresses and got it clean.  It is in relatively good shape; dirty, some fleas, but overall in good shape.

I made up my small cat carrier with a little litter tray, a towel, a bowl of water, and a bowl of dry cat food.  I don't know if it can crunch dry food, but that's what I did.


So this morning - it's still alive. The eye was crusted over and shut but I'll take the chamomile compresses to it again. I took some canned dog food and smushed it to tiny bits with a fork and offered it - it was taken, tentatively.

The kitten still backs away from me and silently hisses, but once I touch it and rub its little head it responds to the action.

So that was all the easy part - now the tough part starts, finding a home for this little chamaco.

And Yes, I'd love to keep it - But No, I can't - 3 reasons in case you are interested, and I am not sure which order of importance these are in;    I have a 15 year old cat in kidney failure, he doesn't need the stress,  I have 3 dogs, 2 of whom have already killed a kitten that came in to the yard, and TOM!


So kitten has now been to the vet, he weighs 1/2k,  he's had day 1 of a 3 day regimen of meds  for parasites.  I have drops for his eyes, we're treating both even though only presents symptoms.

I bathed him to rid him of the majority of the fleas, swabbed out his ears, and got him good and dry.  He is eating and seems overall healthy enough.

I'm afraid I wore him out with all this this morning, so here are some fotos of very tired, but playful kitty "Chamaco" who is looking for his forever loving home.