Once again, to Wordpress or Not to Wordpress??? That is the question

Blogger has started doing a few new things, things I'm not completely thrilled about -

First, people keep telling me they can't post comments!  That's bad news, although I get quite a few, nee significantly less Comments since I Networked my blog to my Facebook page.  A lot of people leave the Comments on Facebook and then they are lost forever as the days go by.

Second,  when I open my blog I used to have the Sign In icon at the top, now I have to go out and access Blogger .com as a new page to be able to post.   Not mind altering, just different and less convenient.

Third, I no longer see the Comments Section when I have my blog open.  I don't know if it's the same for everyone.

I recently went to Windows 8, and am using Google Chrome, so maybe it is some incompatibility,  But once again I am seriously thinking of moving over to Wordpress.   My biggest string to Blogger is that I also maintain Blogs for a few others,  so I'd still be tied.   Drats and Damnation!   What to do, what to do!