Carnaval is coming

Carnaval is coming, it starts Wednesday night, January 30 with a 'Burning the Bad Moods' celebration and then continues until February 6.
To read all about it here are two links - Yucatan Today, and/or the local Government webpage.

Things are underway, the City is sprucing up; tree trunks are being painted white, businesses along the parade route are putting up protective fences, plants along the seating area are being removed or cut to ground level, decorations are being put up.
This years theme is 'The Wonders of the World', to help promote and celebrate Chichen Itza as one of the newly designated Wonders of the World'.

Also, Each year before Carnaval all the Paseo de Montejo art work is removed, and then a new dispaly is installed after Carnaval is over. There are normally about 20 pieces. The art work are all larger pieces, some kinetic some not, some clearly recognizable, some thought provoking. It makes evening strolls along Montejo incredibly interesting.

Carnaval time is love/hate with the residents. It's fun, glitzy, prideful, crowded, loud, destructive, scary, exciting...

This year we will be missing it - we are going on a 6-day, 8-arqaeological sites whirlwind tour... more on that later.

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