Tetanus and Immigration

So back in November while enjoying the Fair at Xmatkuil with friends Lida y Diana we came across a City Government (Ayunamiento)expo, among other things, they were offering, free of charge, vaccinations for Tetanus. We took advantage of this offer. After we received our vaccination we found out that we needed a second injection, in two months.
Well today was the day. We made plans to go with Lida y Diana to IMSS which is a local medical facility for our second Tetanus injection, then to reward ourselves for good preventative health care we would go for sushi.

Also, back on January 7 we took in all our paperwork to renew our FM3's which are the documents that allow us to live in Mexico. We had all our paperwork in order and it was all accepted and we were told to return in 5 business days. We returned in about 7 business days; unfortunately the official that needed to sign all the documents was away in Mexico City We were at lkeast given the paperwork to be able to go to the bank and make our payments. Here, a nnumber of businesses don't accept direct payment for services; You take a paper with the account info to the bank, make the payment, then return with your receipt. Done deal. Well once we recived our account info we went to the bank and were told to return the next Monday, which was this past Monday. So we decided to return today. We signed in, got our number, waited about 7 minutes, got our FM3's, checked em over and were out in less than 30 minutes. Now we're legal for another year. We have always had tremendous good luck with our Immigration experiences. We hear stories from people about how horrible it is, the wait, they can't speak english, unorganized... Well I think it has a lot to do with attitude and outlook. We don't wait till the last minute, or go in with a hurry up and get it done attitude, and I have enough Spanish for them to at least realize I am making an effort, AND we don't get an attitude when things don't go our way. We save all that for after we get home then we drink ourselves stupid, and have a big cry! Just kidding, I'm checking to see if you are really reading this stuff!