I'm Ruin'ed

We just got back from a 6-day whirlwind tour of 8 arqueological ruins, and visited the states of Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo.
We left early last Friday, February 1 and returned the evening of February 6. There were 29 of us, plus 2 guides and the bus driver when we left, along the way we also picked up a kitten, now named Maya and living happily here in Merida. We were mostly expats with years in residence in Mexico from 3 months to 30+ years, but there were also a few mexicanos thrown in.
It was a great trip, very busy, lots of scaling arqueological ruins, which for some reason like to include LOTS of steps. The ultimate stairmaster.

So which ruins did we visit; Edzna, Chicanna, Bezan, Xpujil, Calakmul, Kohunlich, Tulum, and Coba.

We were transported aboard a Turis Tetiz bus, with a professional driver, Eddie, who is quite competent, helpful, and knowledgable about the buses. He actually had to make a few repairs along the way. We had two guides, Sergio and Ricardo. Both very knowledgable about the Yucatan Peninsula and the Maya as well as the sites we visited. They also each made recommendations along the way with regards to restaurants, shopping, etc.

The trip Tom and I took last Spring through Chiapas included Eddie, and Sergio, plus another driver as on several occasions during that trip we traveled overnight. This trip our longest driving stretch was about 5 hours.

We have lots of photos and as soon as we have them pared down I will post them and add a link for you to see.

If any of you are thinking about a visit, annd would like to include a trip like this, Joanna at Technologia Turistica Total offers trips through her LifeLong Learning program, at http://tttac.com/lifelonglearning/index.htm I can't recommend these trips any higher than to say we've been on 2 so far, and look forward eagerly to our next.

I almost forgot - Carlos Rosado, who was also on the trip keeps a blog as well, AND, he brought his laptop and was able to keep up with posts along the way. Here is his blog with several posts about this trip http://www.carlosrosado.blogspot.com/