Trying to get a handle on meals/meal times here

The eating schedule here in Merida is quite different that most places in the US. Probably even quite different than most other places in Mexico.

Here, breakfast is about 9am; you eat tacos, tortas, etc. Lunch (comida) is the BIG meal of the day starting between 1:30-3:30. With dinner (cena) quite late 9-11pm - light food; tamales, sopas, caldos, etc.

I haven't quite got the hang of this yet. I don't typically eat in the morning; I like my coffee as I tour the garden, bird watch, read the paper, check email, etc. Around 11 I am getting hungry, and as there is not typically anything worthwhile in the fridge unless there are leftovers I snack on fruit, nuts, chips, whatever is handy. I don't even think about cooking.

Today as I took a stroll around the neighborhood; I was checking the status of the work in the park by the church at La Ermita, I though about making lunch. Problem is by this time of day the stuff in the little neighborhood mercado is either old, or picked over, or fly covered. So unless you thought about lunch early and pulled something out of the freezer (congeleador) you are reduced to more fruit, nuts, chips, etc. OR and this is my favorite - you go down the street to the Pollo Asado guy and buy a grilled chicken, complete with cabbage salad, rice, soup, tortillas, and salsa for 35pesos. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Or even better yet, send husband for the pollo! Now this is living!