Today was a good day!

Today ended up being a really good day!

I like spontaneity. I like taking advantage of spur of the moment oportunities. I like having friends able/capable of doing the same.

Today Tom had a massage (actually a trigger-point therapy) appointment and I rode to Centro with him to go to the Library; I want to read more about Alma Reed and Felipe Carillo Puerto. We also needed to drop off the pickax at G y C's. They need to plant some plants, and if their yard is anything like ours you can only dig a hole with a pickax. Anyway, Tom headed to ms magic-fingers' and I headed to G y C's. I dropped off the pick and went to the Library, got my book, visited a bit, then walked down to the dentist office and made us both appointments for our checkups. Then back to visit with C a bit and wait for Tom. I also got to play with our goddaughter - Maya.
She is the cutest sweetest thing, just check her out for yourself.
Ok, moving on - While visiting, it became 1:30 and someone suggested lunch. So off we went. There is a great little place just under 7 blocks away. Along the way we were admiring some flowers in a yard and a guy comes out and starts talking about the plants, and then the abuelita comes out and we have quite a chat about where we all live, who has purchased houses in their neighborhood, and of course the plants. I ended up with a seed pod from a beautiful vine "Zapatos de Reina". On to Restaurant Reforma at the corner of 45 and 72 in Centro. Lunch was great - Mateo the mesero was there, we like him alot. Mateo is in school in our neighborhood taking Business Administration classes. Candy (real name Margarite) the duena was very attentive and wanted to ensure we enjoyed our visit - We did!

Now back to C y G's cuz we still haven't been to the grocery store which was on our original list this morning. Along the way we pass a house that G has been admiring as an investment, and then of course the lady listing the house is just a few blocks away and we have to have a chat with her. Then the Aquario store was open and since Tom and I always pass it in the car I've never been in before so another detour. And of course we peeked in every open door, window, hole we passed. What fun.

Finally, we made it to the grocery and home.

Then out in the back yard there is quite a lot going on. I knew there is a predator of some sort as the Tropical Mockingbirds were quite aggitated as were the Green Jays, even the hummingbirds were zipping in and out and fussing. And the Golden Fronted Woodpeckers were zipping between trees and making a lot of rcket as well. Finally, I spot a Hawk, it turns out to be a juvenile Gray Hawk and he was trying to catch birds as treats in the big Ramon tree. Quite a lot of excitement.

click on these links to see a representation of the birds mentioned.

Juvenile Gray Hawk

Green Jay

Tropical Mockingbird

Golden Fronted Woodpecker

Overall a very full very interesting day - Life is good! A lot of days are like this. Nothing really planned but by being open and enthusiastic fun things can happen.