Lessons on Living

You may have read below how we cancelled our long weekend trip to Isla Mujeres because the fridge broke and we we were waiting for the repair guy.

Another lesson was learned about being a gringa in Mexico. You can bring the gringa to Mexico, but it takes a lot longer to convert the gringa to mexicana thought. This was a really great lesson learned, and the cost overall was minimal.

As expats we learn daily of the customs and culture of our new country of residence. In the US if you have a 'date' with a repair person you wait, because if you miss it you get charged AND you have to reschedule. In Mexico, at least here in Merida, if you miss your 'date' with a repair person OR if they don't show at all, don't worry; It will all come together sooner or later. If the service person comes and you are not home, no problem, he/she moves on to the next and returns later. It's a non-issue.

I must thank friend chicafeliz for this lesson, she said in an e-conversation "GO! !!!THE BROKEN FRIDGE WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU RETURN. IF THEY SAY THEY STOPPED BY TO FIX IT SAY "WE MUST HAVE BEEN AT THE GROCERY STORE!)" She is/was so right. The fridge had already been prepped for a 6-day absence. We could have taken the mayo, onion, and butter to the neighbor and left. Who cares if the coffee, nuts, and peanut butter sit at room temp for a week.

It's a lesson learned, and one we'll remember - What's more important - A weekend on an island or waiting on a repair person. (by the way, it's 3 days and no repair person, and no phone call, we should have gone)