RATZ - Foiled Again

Seems getting out of town is tougher than you'd think! Seems anytime we want to get away for more than just a daytrip something goes awry

Once again our multi-day travel plans are being undermined. You may remember how we missed the Blogger Blowout on Isla Mujeres in April
We want to go to Jalisco for a few days but can't find airfares for less than 450US each.

Well we had finally decided to make a run to Holbox for a little R&R, you know how it is being on perpetual vacation, sometimes you just gotta get away! We had planned to head out Tuesday, spend 3 maybe 4 nights - apparently a storm is bearing down on us.

We have however finally completed our hurricane preparedness except to buy one sheet of something to slide in a form we had built above the opening to the suncube to keep most of the wind and rain out. We can pick that up today, along with a few extra food supplies, oh and extra beer in case we are holed up here for a few days!

OK, no more stinkin plannin - from now on we just pick up and go!