2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers Summit comes to an end

We ended the 2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers Summit with breakfast at the Hotel Colonial this morning.

It was so nice to meet the fellow bloggers; to put actual faces and personalities to each other. Not that we don’t have a sense of each other from our blogs; we share photos, family, tears, fears, joy, and encouragement.

The Event went well, everyone seemed to enjoy the presentations on Friday, and the Salsa music at Cumbancheros, and of course the Welcome Cocktail Party at Jonna and Mimi’s on Thursday. We (Tom and I) had to miss the early activities on Saturday because of a friend’s 65th Surprise Birthday Party but were able to connect with a small group in the evening for some local entertainment and a few cervezas.

I’d say it was a success and really want to let those that traveled how much I appreciate their effort to get here, and also a Big Thanks to Theresa for putting this all together!

I can hardly wait to find out where next years gathering will be!