La boda de ''María José''

I don't get in to "Centro" very often, even though I love to walk around there and just window shop the people, events, and sights.

Yesterday I had cause to be in "Centro" about 6pm.  Not a great time, it was hot, the light was not great, there were THRONGS of people. Actually an unusual amount of people, and as I got closer to the zocalo and the cathedral there were cheers, and festive whooping it up sounds.  In fact there were hundreds of people piled up around the cathedral, and even more in the zocalo.

 There was also a stage set up in the zocalo, it was surrounded with people and there were dancers milling about as if waiting for something.  Some special event.  I did stop and ask some young workers at a nearby store who were leaning against the doorway and watching the activities.  They said it was a novena. 

Anyway, back to the hoopla at the cathedral and in the zocalo.

Yesterday was the wedding of Maria José and Alejandro.

Maria José and Alejandro are popular TV caracters of the telenovela “Sortilegio”.  Unfortunately I don't watch the telenovelas although I should just to help me with my spanish, else I'd have recognized the names on the backdrop of the stage.

Here's a link to the story in today's Diario.

It's odd,  isn't it.  I rarely get to Centro, and then yesterday I'm there for la boda de Maria José.