The Great Wall of Changus Kuhn

You may recall a year or so ago, July, August, and September of 2008, I posted about the construction of a wall in front of our house.  Well, that wall has been in place just over a year and oh my goodness what a difference it has made!

The house is so much cleaner, cooler, quieter than before, and the little front garden is so cute and makes such a pleasant transition from street to inside.

So this is from when we bought the house -

This is during the renovation -


And this is after the building of the Great Wall -

We are now able to keep the doors and windows open most all of the time.  The additional air flow has decreased the interior heat by a huge amount - so much so that this year, the hottest, driest year in over 25 years has been cooler than the past 2 years.  All because of the airflow.  Add to that the decrease in street noise, and the decrease in dust and dirt.  What a difference!  Money Well Spent.

Our wall, much like the successes of Ghengis Khan although they may appear astounding, they are explainable by ordinary means.

I'm starting to think of starting another long overdue project,  I must be crazy!  
We want to replace the roof on the bodega out back, increase its overhang to cover the terrace beside the pool, and renovate a bathroom that's there for use while outside.   I also want to add passsive solar heat for the pool.  The pool temp is already to the point where I don't like to get in,  it's a frosty 80degree fahrenheit.  What the heck am I thinking.... another construction project - workers here, banging, chipping, hammering, dust, noise, lack of privacy,  I must be out of my mind.  I think it's the heat, it's affecting my head, someone thhrow a bucket of cold water on me!!!!!