ayudame porfa! Help Me Please!

We've been invited to a party to celebrate Mexico's  Bicentennial. 

photo from Time Life

It's a Costume Party - 

We were instructed -

… Come dressed as anyone
       from Mexico’s past 200 years of history, entertainment, politics or…


I need HELP!!!   I don't do costumes, heck I can barely pull together a 'look'.
I don't even own a sombrero, or cheesy black handlebar mustache, so what's a girl to do?

I am drawn to Maria de la Concepción Josefa Ortiz Magón de Domínguez.
Doña Josefa was a conspirator and supporter of the Mexican War of Independence, who fought for independence against Spain, in the early 19th century. She is frequently referred to as "La Corregidora".
Doña Josefa developed an early sympathy for the Amerindian, mestizo and the criollo community who were oppressed by the Spanish colonial government. Amerindian people were oppressed; mestizos and criollos were often seen as second-class citizens and were relegated to secondary roles in the administration of the colony.

But GEESH, how do you pull off this look????