a cure for high blood pressure

It has been positively identified that having a pet 
is good for your health!

Once again friend Nancy has been gifted by her neighborhoods cat population with kittens born on her service porch.   You may remember a kitten I posted earlier this year.      
    These three kittens were born the first week in August - Nancy has just removed them from their mother and is in the process of box training, identifying their sex,  and socializing them.   
Oh my gosh they are cuties.  

The siamese looking  with the dark ears has longish hair, 
and look at those painted toes.  
The smaller siamese looking has butter creme 
colored tiger stripes on its sugar colored legs.  

And the tiger calico is just gorgeous.

Contact Nancy at:
local Merida landline 285-2244
 Telcel celular 999-146-1842
or a US number (Vonage) that rings here in Merida 503-533-5884