María de la Concepción Josefa Ortiz Magón de Domínguez

We went to a Mexico Bicentennial Party where we were asked to come dressed as anyone from Mexico’s past 200 years of history, entertainment, politics or…

I opted for a costume depicting
María de la Concepción Josefa Ortiz Magón de Dominguez.

The night of the party Tom and I neglected to photograph ourselves in costume.

  Several acceptable photos of Tom were found, unfortunately none of the elusive Doña Josefa were found.

Until tonight!

I can't say its a great photo, or even a good photo, in fact I'd prefer not to have anyone see it, but I'm being harassed to put up a photo
- any photo - of Doña Josefa.

So here she is! 
You can't see her braid, or her shoulder shawl, or her lacy gloves, but you can make out the empire waist skirt, and the poufy cap sleeves.