Irrigation System Installation

So the irrigation/sprinkler/watering system and the sod have been installed. Things didn't go as well as we had hoped but it is now finished.  It's been a week and we've managed to keep the dogs out of all but a tiny bit of green space.

A week of cool, overcast, and moist temperatures has really worked to our benefit.  We spent QUITE a bit of time cleaning up the mud and dirt generated by the process.  The power washer is having issues again so all the patio space was cleaned by hand; Thank You Tom! 

We are worried that once we let the dogs back out they will be tracking in dirt again.  When the sod was installed they sprinkled dirt all over the top of the sod.  I mean pots of dirt ladel'ed out and strewn here and there.  I've never seen this done before, but Mr Professional Installer assured me it's the way it's done here. Although the last 2 times we had sod installed it wasn't done this way.  Ni Modos.

With the flamboyant tree topped, and the neem thinned I am hoping that this time there will be enough sun to allow the grass to live.

so here are some photos

the puppy 500 racetrack!


lucho libre puppy pit

a little different perspective but you can see the puppy lucho libre pit becoming green again!
So all in all - the system is in, we haven't been able to use it much due to the weather - I/we would have designed it a bit differently to avoid dry spots and 3-4 foot of overspray onto the patio.  We'd have used some angles and not all 360 heads, but we didn't want to do it!  es mi culpa!  it's in, it works, and it will be way easier for house and pet sitters.