August in Mérida - aka La Temporada

August in  Mérida   is hot!  

HOT and HUMID!   
Things slow down, everything and everyone seems to move slower.

For Meridanos, those that can, relocate to the beach for the month, or at least for weekends.  

Others go on their vacations, and some just tough it out. Schools are closed for all or part of the month.  Lots of businesses close up.  Many restaurants and clubs pack up and take temporary space at the beach as well.  Many restaurants and clubs also use this time to update and/or remodel their space.

Many Mérida families have beach homes.  These are quite unlike the Gringo beach homes.  I don't mean beach homes where you live permanently, but where you go for getaways and vacations. 

One of the things about the moves to the beach very interesting is this;
We gringos like to fully furnish them so that we just get ourselves there and everything we need is already there, well except for groceries, and we probably keep a fridge going with a few things there anyway.  Many Mérida families, when it's time to go to the beach for la Temporada, take along everything they need - their fridge, stove, and hammocks or beds.  They probably keep some plastic chairs there! 

So today is 1 Sept.  La Temporada is over, the beach people are coming back; work starts back up, school starts again, restaurants reopen, some all fresh and clean, and life gets back to its regular pace.

Traffic will increase, the noise and pollution will increase, accidents will increase.  In fact yesterday, Jonna and I were out and about and must have passed 5 separate auto accidents.  

Summer is over, Fall is on its way!

all photos lifted from the internet!