El Templo de Debod

In my research about fun and interesting things to do while in Spain, I came across information about a Teleferico (cablecar) in Madrid.  Tom and  I  went in search - and as frequently happens when you go wandering you find things.  We actually came across several interesting things on our way to find the Teleferico, this is one of them.

El Templo de Debod   

We were out walking, enjoying the day, looking for the Teleferico and came across what appeared to be Egyptian buildings.  Now I knew about the Roman occupation, but Egyptian?  

Seems that back about 1960, when the Great Dam of Aswan was going to be built, there were several historically significant monuments that would have been lost due to the flooding.  Spanish archaeologists provided  assistance to the Egyptian state in helping to save the temples of Abu Simbel, and to show their gratitude the Temple of Debod was donated to Spain in 1968.

The temple was relocated and rebuilt in Madrid's  Parque del Oeste, which is near the Royal Palace of Madrid; It opened to the public in 1972.

We stopped at the temple during its closed hours, and had fully intended to return to go in to see the temple, but you know how it is when you are out on walkabout.  you never seem to go back the way you came!

The temple itself  is a small room/chapel originally dedicated to the god Amun, it was later dedicated to Isis of Philae.