yes Merida, there is a podiatrist! podologia integral

A while back  Tom developed a lump on the side of his heel.  It occasionally caused him some discomfort so he decided to see a doctor.  

Now in the USofA when you have a foot problem you see a podiatrist.  Tom asked around about a podiatrist and was told that that is not a 'Specialty' handled here, and that he should see an orthopedic doctor.

After another round of checking around he decided on an Orthopedist and made an appointment. He arrived for his appointment on time.  The Doctor wasn't there.  The receptionist called the doctor and told Tom he'd be about 45 minutes.  So, as the dr's office is in a hospital Tom decided to go down to the restaurant and have some breakfast.   He diddied around about an hour and went back to the dr's office, still no doctor; another 30+minutes and he advised the receptionist that he was leaving, and leave he did.  That was Monday, today is Wednesday, and we've not heard from the doctor.

However, and sometimes good things come from bad situations -  On his way out Tom heard his name being called  and turned to see some friends we haven't seen in quite a while.   In their discussions, when he explained about his reasons for being there they informed that there is indeed a podiatrist here in Merida.

Once Tom got home and was telling me this story I advised we go immediately to where they told him the podiatrist was --  and by gosh, just look at that!

The office is located in the strip mall at Villas Haciendas.
Plaza Comercial Villas  -  Hacienda
Prolong. de Montejo x calle 49 #370
Local 11 Planta Baja
col. Benito Juarez Norte
tel 944-5065
cel 999-148-5001

Hours: Lunes a Viernes (Mon- Fri)
9:30-2:30 and 4:30-7:30
Sabados (Sat)

They handle all things to do with feet except surgical stuff.

Guillermo Horta Lopez, is from Cuba and has over 20 years experience as a Podologo

Alejandra A Treinen Crespo is from right here in Merida, and unfortunately  I didn't find out when she graduated. She did the  work on Tom and he was pleased with the care.  She was quite thorough and advised Tom on a a few preventive measures as well as advising him on the heel thing.